Payments Harmonized with EMVCo

Who is EMVCo?

Maybe you do not know EMVCo, a US company (LLC) located in Foster City, California. But you very probably know one or more of the six members: American Express, Discover, JCB, Mastercard, UnionPay, and Visa.

What does EMVCo do?

Since 1999, the trademark EMV® stands for Europay, Mastercard, and Visa. More important, it refers to all specifications made by EMVCo. They see them as a technology toolbox. As these specifications enable globally interoperable and secure payments, EMVCo maintains and develops them. In addition,  both types , face-to-face and remote transactions are dealt with. Today, they mostly happen between chip-based means of payments like cards or smartphones and acceptance devices like POS terminals (Point of Sales). Thus, they cover technologies like contact, contactless, mobile, and even QR codes.

What is Level 1, 2 and 3 for EMVCo certification

Testing Processes & Certification

Whereas many use the terms certification or validation, EMVCo names it approval. To better manage procedures, contact and contactless approvals are split into three levels. Firstly, the physical and protocol layer are named Level 1. Next, Level 2 comprises the application layer. Finally, Level 3 deals with end-to-end compliance of terminals in a shop environment, including back-end systems.


To update specifications, member companies delegate representatives to committees and working groups. In addition, the Associates Programme serves to exchange with stakeholders on both, technical and business level in the payment industry. As one of the results, EMVCo 3.x for contactless is addressing mobile needs to further improve interoperability. Here, as test tool supplier, COMPRION contributes with comments and suggestions to clarify or improve test specifications.


EMVCo Level 1 - The Key to Global Payment

National and regional payment networks have created individual standards for mostly application layers. Many have built them upon EMVCo Level 1, the physical and protocol layer. Some even made Level 1 a precondition. This way, Level 1 compliance can be seen as the key to unlocking global payment.

Whether you want to be perfectly prepared for an EMVCo approval or you just need a quick sanity check on your implementation: COMPRION has tools and accessories to meet your testing objectives faster. Speed up and get more precise results with COMPRION solutions around EMVCo. 


POS Terminal Approval in No Time

The best test tools for EMVCo Level 1 approval and for all phases of development. High accuracy of measurement and positioning warrant stable results and high repeatability. Our test automation enables quality and speed of contactless RF analog developments. Enabling you to achieve compliance faster and pass the certification at the first attempt. Choose the test tool used in all laboratories worldwide for EMVCo Electrical.

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Trace, Log, Spy, Sniff & Analyze

You need to prepare for EMVCo certification faster? Or, you need a quick sanity check of some parts with a small tracer? An error reported from the field makes you feel uneasy, as you struggle to reproduce it? Eliminate errors faster, even for tricky edge cases.

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Approve Smartphones, Wearables, and Cards

Even though the EMVCo test specification is the same, certification testing of a card differs from that of a smartphone or a wearable. If you need  to test all shapes and sizes, find here a versatile test tool. For analog testing, stable results are a another challenge that you can tackle with high accuracy measurements. As precision is the strength of COMPRION test tools, benefit by saving time and better ensuring quality.

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All the Extra Gear for Your Test Environment

You are using your own test tool or your specific test setup, but you need accurate reference antennas for verification? Your challenge is quick supply of cables, cards, or other consumables like adapters? COMPRION covers you up with all gear around EMVCo testing. Available in the web shop, 24/7.

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Highest Repeatability

Our customers appreciate the highest repeatability of test results compared to other tools. This way, testing is more reliable, saving time for validation.

Fastest Measurements

EMVCo approval for V3.0 requires up to six times as many test case scenarios. Therefore, analog approval sessions often take more than eight hours, we do it in half the time.

Live Logs

Follow each test step live. Pause right away in case anything does not turn out as expected and do not waste time waiting for a complete test case run.

No Spy Antenna

Wondering where our spy antenna is? We do it without! As the signal of the pickup coil is buffered, we can measure and trace at the same time. No manual interaction needed.

"I think that the tool is much better, much faster and it´s more friendly to use. So, I do like to work with the COMPRION tool."

"I think that the tool is much better, much faster and it´s more friendly to use. So, I do like to work with the COMPRION tool."

ASIC Engineer, US Terminal Vendor

EMVCo testing with UT³ Platform for Level 1 Electrical Terminal Approval

EMVCo L1 Contact Test Solution

The only EMVCo qualified test solution for electrical & protocol certification of payment terminals.

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EMVCo PCD Analog Test Solution for EMVCo L1 contactless testing

L1 Contactless Analog Testing

COMPRION test solutions for EMVCo qualified contactless Level 1 certification testing.

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Interoperability Test Center

The best-in-class software for broad data analysis with COMPRION test systems.

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Design Validation Center

Software frame for CL Development Line designed for the development of the contactless Interface.

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Get all needed adapters, antennas, holders, cables, holders directly in our webshop.

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 The small and handy test tool for discreetly tracing contactless transactions under real-life conditions.

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CL Verify A

Contactless test tool for validation of the contactless interface design and heart of the CL Development Line.

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