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Deep Dive into Contact & Contactless

If the success of your products is based on global interoperability, you usually follow strictly controlled certification programs. But even the best compliance cannot cover all aspects. More importantly, a new variant or slightly different behavior in the field might require detailed discussion. Whether connectivity to mobile networks, access control, or payment interfaces are in question, clear analysis and  precise measurements are key. Especially for testing SIM or NFC interfaces, you need watertight proof. If your part of the implementation proves to be fully compliant, this usually clarifies the situation. Even better, when accurate details down to the physical layer are quickly revealed by automated analysis. Finally, everyone involved wants visualized results with comments that can be shared easily.


Tracing & Automated Analysis

Quick Problem Solving

After a reported incident, you may struggle to reproduce an error in a transaction. In addition, testing is getting more complex. Therefore, you often need to automate it for small application changes. Now is the time to transform your QA tasks from discouraging, hard analysis or repetitive work into a fast problem-solving machine. COMPRION´s efficient tools for contact and contactless tracing and analysis help you do it. Make debugging and testing SIM or NFC interfaces fast and smooth!


Quality Assurance

Often your QA team needs quick answers. Therefore, it is crucial to have powerful tools for in-depth analysis. This allows you to produce accurate log files with all details down to the physical level. All the better, if these logs automatically list all deviations from international standards for testing SIM and NFC interfaces. Finally, share your results quickly and easily with customers or other teams.

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Discreet NFC Sniffing with TraceCase

Did you know that you can get live captures of a contactless transaction, discreetly, without disturbing anyone? Even small differences in the behavior of a smartphone model with regional variants can be detected. Does your update require a real-world test between a terminal and an NFC payment? Are you sure that any key, fob, or handset can open your access system via analog and digital captures?

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Making OTA Transmissions Readable

If you need to ensure over-the-air (OTA) updates, things can get complicated. As the communication is encrypted over several layers, error analysis becomes difficult. Thus, you need a deep dive into all layers. Learn in the video linked below, how simple decryption and analysis can be if you use OTA Remote Management Translator. Speed up the development of any embedded component for a SIM, eSIM, M2M, IoT, or ECU/TCU.

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Trace, Sniff, and Analyze Automatically

You have an established tool chain for testing, but you need to add test data from NFC interfaces? Although you only have limited space on your desk, you need a simple to set up NFC sniffer? However, an analog front end is a must for your? With TraceCase Toolbox, this is no longer an unreachable challenge. Regardless of your tool chain, add NFC data and automate the analysis and storage of captures. Simplify!

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Reproduce Errors and Simulate NFC Behavior

An unusual behavior in the field must be reproduced before further analysis can take place? You need to replicate a card profile with all timings? After that, small deviations would speed up a deeper error resolution? You are short of time and resources for setting up a complete tool chain for a single query? All in all, accurate log files are needed to document and prove your results? Capture and Replay has the answers.

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Exact timings with two clicks – benefit from logs that provide accurate, reliable results. 

Physical Layer

Analog captures with precise data for signaling, voltages, and timings: built-in measurements included.

Simple Setup

TraceCase is small and really simple to use. An everyday tool for the desk and in the field.


Built-in analyzers and quick measurements automate your own analysis routines with a click.

Interoperability Test Center

The best-in-class software for detailed and accurate data analysis.

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Device Test Center

If you already use Device Test Center, just add tracing modules and start analysis! No other GUI needed!

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Design Validation Center

The CL Development Line software designed for developing the contactless interface.

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 The small and handy test tool for discreetly tracing contactless transactions under real-life conditions.

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CL Verify A

The modular go-to tool for contactless – to either just capture or capture and replay your own simulation.

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Check SIM or IoT communication easily including OTA communication for mobile connectivity.

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Get all needed adaptors, antennas, holders, and cables directly in our webshop.

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OTA Translator Introduction

Over-the-Air updates using the mobile network can be tricky, as several layers encrypt parts of the communication. Each has a different algorithm, often separate key. Just enter the keys in the dialog and read all transmissions. More important benefit from the automated analysis detecting errors immediately!

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