Log in to the Self-Service Portal

When you navigate to the self-service portal:


you are first asked to select/accept the certificate that was provided to you and installed by you. It is used to secure the communication between the portal and your browser:


You may need to close and then reopen the Web browser window to select the certificate option. By default, the browser picks the previously used certificate.

Then, log in with the account name and the password COMPRION provided to you:

After logging in, you see the start page:

On the left you find two tabs:

  • The Profiles tab covers the complete test profile management. This tab is shown when you open the start page.
  • The Order Profile tab provides one of the options to transfer a test profile from its basic Available state into the Released state, which is the prerequisite for downloading it (see next section).

On the upper right you see your log-in name. Click it to navigate to the log-out option.

On the right to this you see your company name. Via this path you can navigate to an area where you could configure some settings. We strongly recommend not to change any settings as it may result in a status where you cannot use the service any more.


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