Manage your test profiles

Having ordered one or multiple test profiles you can get an overview of all of them, get more details about each test profile and can also trigger certain actions per profile. For this, please navigate to the “Profiles” section in the menu bar on the left. You will then see a list like this:


 For each profile, you see:

  • its ICCID
  • the profile type (i.e. its template)
  • point in time when the last action was conducted in relation to a profile
  • when it was created – which is not relevant for you
  • the profile status, according to the GSMA RSP specification

You can use the heading of the columns to order the list in different ways or to select subsets so that you find the profile(s) you are interested in more easily.

To get more details of a profile just click on one of them. For a profile in the Released state, you will then see a screen like this:


On the left-hand side you see all relevant information of this profile. On the right-hand side you see all activities in relation to this profile over time. As this is an example of a profile in Released state, it can be downloaded to a mobile device. The QR code necessary for this can be obtained by clicking on the small QR-code icon at the top:


With this you can download the test profile to your test device.