Download and Debug

Having extracted the QR code from a Released test profile, you can scan it with your device and thereby trigger the start of the download. Alternatively, you can also enter the activation code of the profile into your device.

Please see here for examples of device user interaction flows for different devices.

After a successful download, you should see that the state of the profile was changed to Downloaded. Depending on the device, the device may automatically move on to install the profile on the device. In this case, or after having triggered this manually on the device, the profile state is Installed.

If something went wrong, the profile is in the Error state:

You can also see this in the Profile Management list of all profiles.

Don't be confused if you may see that all transactions related to this profile were conducted successfully in the Activity Log of the profile. This might be the case from a SM-DP+ perspective, but there might still be a problem, for example, with installing the profile on the device.

To understand the problem, click  the SUCCESS button of the last transaction in the Activity Log. This provides you with the next level of detail about the transaction which left the profile in the Error state:

From this you may already understand what caused the problem. There is an Error Code stated. Please see this error message list for more details.

If this still does not tell you what caused the problem, you can drill into the details of the transaction. Click the COPY button. This copies all transaction details into the clipboard of your computer. From there you can paste it into an editor and analyze it:


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