Custom Templates

In case the general-purpose standardized/COMPRION profile templates do not fulfill your requirements, generation of custom templates and provisioning into your eSIM Test Profile Service is possible as a commercial service.

Depending on the division of labor between you and COMPRION, there are two options:

With this option, you generate a profile template yourself. Then, you hand over the final profile template to COMPRION who then provisions it in your account of the eSIM Test Profile Service.

The profile template you provide needs to fulfill the following requirements:

  • You need to define a Template Name that is used to refer to it whenever necessary.
  • The profile template needs to be coded as a DER file.
  • The ICCID (in normal order of nibbles as well as with swapped nibbles) and the IMSI need to be declared as a variable, which COMPRION can instantiate according to COMPRION's numbering scheme when producing personalized profiles for you based on the template in the eSIM Test Profile Service
    •  In the DER file, the variable needs to be coded as ${ICCID} / ${ICCIDswappednibble} and ${ICCID} ORas [ICCIC] / [ICCIDswappednibbles] and [IMSI]
    (in case you use COMPRION's eUICC Profile Creator to do this, please see here more details on how to do this)

Furthermore, you need to specify some meta data elements that shall be used for the provisioning of the profile template:

  • Profile Class, which is Test, Operational or Provisioning (default: Test).
  • Service Provider Name (default: Comprion).
  • MCC/MNC 001/01 is used as default, which are the standardized values for a test network. Deviating from this is only possible in exceptional cases as it needs to be ensured that the test profiles of the COMPRION eSIM Test Profile Service do not conflict with real MNO profiles.

The detailed process is:

  1. Go to COMPRION's Web Shop, select the Custom Profile service of the eSIM Test Profile Service, and purchase it.
  2. When the order reaches COMPRION, we contact you by email to get the required information/DER file.
  3. You send this information by eMail to COMPRION, including the number of personalized profiles COMPRION shall produce as a starting point.
  4. COMPRION provisions the template in the eSIM Test Profile Service, using the name: 012345678-C-TemplateName, where
    • 012345678 is substituted by your actual contract number
    • C indicates that it is a custom profile template
    • TemplateName is the name specified by you
  5. COMPRION produces the requested number of personalized profiles, which you find in the self-service portal.
  6. COMPRION confirms the delivery by email to you.


Please understand: As part of this product, COMPRION cannot provide support/consulting services to generate the profile template or to fix bugs in it. If the provided profile template file generates any problems (for COMPRION during provisioning/production or on your side using it) that are not caused by COMPRION, we can offer you a second attempt. In case this is also not successful, the service is regarded as delivered. In case more support/consulting services are  desired, this can be handled under the COMPRION-generated custom template product.

Depending on your requirements, it is an option that COMPRION generates the profile template on your behalf. The effort for this depends on the complexity of your requirements. Therefore, COMPRION will run this as a consulting project. Understanding your requirements, COMPRION can estimate the effort and the resulting cost and can provide you a quote.

In case you want to task COMPRION to generate a test profile template on your behalf, please contact COMPRION's sales department.

Please note: The cost for the custom profile template generation / provisioning is a one-off cost. Once the profile template has been provisioned for you, the derived personalized profiles follow the normal commercial logic. I.e. there is a monthly fee per personalized profile, starting from the first download of a profile. For this kind of profile, the fee for Custom Template applies.

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