If you use COMPRION's eUICC Profile Creator, here are the steps to create an eSIM test profile with the required variables in DER format

Create variables

Instead of having fixed values for ICCID, ICCIDswappednibbles and IMSI, create respective variables:

  1. Enable the Variable Editor.
  2. Create a new variable by pressing the "+".
  3. Type in the variable name (e.g. ICCID) and e.g. a value. This will then be shown.
  4. Substitute the value by [ICCID] (or [ICCIDswappednibbles] or [IMSI]) in the profile source.


Export as DER file

  1. Select the "Export" functionality.
  2. Select "A profile package template containing variable references" and press "OK".
  3. Select the ".varder" format and store file on your PC.

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