Determine the Required Profile Type and Setup

Right at the start, you should clarify two aspects:

What template should your test profile be based on to facilitate your test cases?

The features and profile elements need to support your test cases. For example, if you want to test certain 4G features, a profile that only supports 3G is not appropriate.

On the other hand, a profile that comes with elements that are not supported by the device/eSIM may not work at all.

We recommend that you check the information regarding the different profile types.

How to ensure that the device under test can utilize the test profile?

There are multiple aspects to consider:

  • Your device under test might have certain OEM- or MNO-specific business rules implemented that provide limitations on the profiles which can be used. For example:
    • A Carrier SIM lock will only allow profiles that are related to a specific MNO.
    • A companion device may require a profile that is related to the same MNO as the profile from the controlling device.
    Make sure that you understand limitations – if there are any – and that you overcome them or understand which specific test profile features are required. In edge cases, these business rules may even prohibit the use of a test profile on a specific device.
  • A device under test may not support profiles that were provisioned as "Test" profiles (according to the profile metadata) at all (as this is only an optional feature according to the GSMA RSP specification). But we assume that this will only happen rarely, as we have not sen this so far.
    A solution might be to use a test profile that was provisioned as "Operational" (according to the profile metadata).
  • Some devices can deal with profiles that were provisioned as "Test" profiles out of the box. Some other devices require to switch the device into a special "Device Test Mode" (see GSMA RSP specification). How to do this varies across different devices and might require to consult the vendor of the device if this information cannot be found on the Internet. But many OEMs have not implemented this optional Device Test Mode and just accept test profiles.

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