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Move 2

The high-end communication tracer for all smart card interfaces

  • Synchronized NFC/SWP/HCI tracing (together with CL Verify A)
  • Using COMPRION Interoperability Test Center 
    • Clearly arranged and synchronized layer views
    • Summary view, especially helpful for combined NFC, SWP, and HCI traces
    • Interpreters: (U)SIM, ISIM, R-UIM, (U)SAT, CCAT
    • Powerful analyzers for timing measurements and error identification
  • Integrated oscilloscope and remote control
  • Overview
  • Accessories

Move 2 is a comprehensive trace tool covering all UICC interfaces of mobile phones and terminals.
Use cases of Move 2 include:

  • Interoperability testing (smart card/terminal)
  • Development/debugging of
    • Mobile phones/chipsets
    • Smart cards
    • M2M devices
  • Visualization and measurement of analog signals
  • Combined NFC/SWP/HCI testing
  • Quality assurance
Perfectly harmonized

Interoperability Test Center

Move 2 is seamlessly integrated with our powerful Interoperability Test Center software, enabling you to easily visualize and analyze monitoring results.

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