5 Reasons Why the "Pays" Love TraceCase

Small is Beautiful, Mobile Even More So

This NFC mini tracer comes in two form factors: Whereas TraceCase (photo on the left) is as small as a deck of cards, TraceCase fit (photo on the right) looks like a rugged smartphone case. Both variants benefit from the extreme mobility owed to the compact design. In addition, TraceCase is powered by battery. If  capturing takes longer, simply exchange the battery.

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TraceCase as Small as a Deck of Cards

TraceCase fit Perfect for Mystery Shopping

TraceCase fit antenna always in same position

TraceCase and App – Partners in Crime

Which is your most popular and most frequently used gear? Your smartphone! So why not use it to control TraceCase? Use the free AndroidTM or iOS app with your smartphone and immediately visualize and check any capture. More importantly, instantly share it as PDF with anyone who needs to know.

A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words

As traces can be taken in no time, they will very likely pile up to a significant number raising questions: Where was this trace captured, what was the exact purpose, or were there just several repetitions to get some stats? Resolve the questions by adding meta data and photos of the setup and the location, plus, of course, notes and names.

Worry-Free No SMC

As a hardware and software bundle TraceCase does not require any service and maintenance contract. Most importantly, the app includes free updates, and the TraceCase Viewer software has an unlimited license.

Always on Time

Most probably you need fast data analysis. Therefore, TraceCase Viewer features so-called analyzers and built-in timing measurements which are highly accurate. Get performance information in 2-3 clicks.

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