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June 19, 2023

COMPRION launches COMPRION SIMplifier for automated mobile device testing

The new hardware streamlines mobile device testing by eliminating the need to manually remove and reinsert the SIM for profile updates

COMPRION, a provider of mobile device testing solutions, announces the launch of its latest product, the COMPRION SIMplifier. This small and portable hardware unit simplifies fully automated testing by providing a PC/SC card reader and a device connector.

Testing mobile devices with physical SIM cards during development or device certification is a time-consuming and labour-intensive process. During device testing, the SIM card typically has to be manually removed from the device several times, updated with new profile content and then reinserted into the test device. "The COMPRION SIMplifier eliminates this tedious manual work. Instead, its two modes of operation provide full test automation and therefore simplified testing, as the tester no longer needs to touch the SIM. During testing, the new hardware connects the SIM card and the device. Between tests, the SIMplifier allows SIM card updates via any tool that uses the SIMplifier as a PC/SC card reader. A very easy-to-integrate command-line interface is available to operate the SIMplifier and to use it within various device test solutions." explains Udo Willenbrink, Product Manager at COMPRION.

Designed to increase productivity and streamline test processes, the COMPRION SIMplifier can be integrated into existing test systems for many use cases, such as carrier acceptance testing, GCF/PTCRB protocol conformance testing, regression testing and development testing. It simplifies the testing efforts of M(V)NOs, test equipment supplier, device and chipset vendors, card manufacturer and test labs. “We are proud that the COMPRION SIMplifier has already been selected by a leading American mobile network operator for its device certification scheme,” adds Willenbrink.

For more information, please have visit the SIMplifier product page.

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