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March 24, 2023

COMPRION launches new 5G Test (U)SIMs

COMPRION has announced the launch of its new 5G test cards. The test UICCs support the 5G EFs (Elementary Files) as well as the latest specified data fields. As such, they help verify the compliance of 5G mobile devices with the latest industry standards and ensure product quality and safety.

A highlight of COMPRION's new 5G test cards is the SUCI Calculation by USIM feature. This feature is used in the 5G system prior to mutual authentication between the user equipment and the network.

"With the introduction of our new 5G Test (U)SIMs, we are expanding our test card portfolio to cover the latest technological requirements," says Daniela Wittkamp, Product Manager at COMPRION. "Whether mobile phone manufacturers, test labs, mobile network operators, infrastructure providers or mobile phone repair companies: with the new 5G Test SIMs, they can test the functions of a mobile 5G device and the correct interaction with the card."

The 5G test cards are available now and can be ordered via the COMPRION webshop. For more information, please visit the COMPRION website.

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