October 24, 2023

Paper: Tool Chain for eSIM Profile Devlopment & Validation

eSIM Profile Development & Validation is a core professional service of so-called EUMs (eUICC manufacturers) - the companies that also provide the backend services for remote SIM provisioning of eSIM mobile devices. The standard customers are Mobile Network Operators (MNOs), for whom this is the digital equivalent of developing a SIM card. Not all EUMs can build on a well-established and sophisticated tool chain. New entrants, in particular, have gaps in this area that pose a challenge to their business. In addition, more and more companies such as M2M / IoT Connectivity Providers, MVNEs (Mobile Virtual Network Enablers), Private Network Providers, which are the traditional customers of the EUMs, want to get involved in eSIM profile development and validation - as this is also close to their core business and their business requires great flexibility and agility in profile development and validation.

Thus, COMPRION has prepared a paper addressing the needs of the following customer groups:

  • MNOs
  • EUMs
  • M2M / IoT Connectivity Provider
  • MVNEs (Mobile Virtual Network Enablers)
  • Private Network Providers

The document outlines an E2E comprehensive and sophisticated tool chain for this task, based on COMPRION products. This is based on outlining the logical steps of the process and the requirements a tool chain needs to fulfill. COMPRION’s tools are fully productized and have evolved over a number of years into a very mature state:

  • They are fully up to date in relationship to the technical standards with a commitment to also cover future versions of the technical standards
  • Using the tools will save a lot of time as many manual complex tasks have been built into the software logic
  • The risk of bugs in the profile can be substantially reduces, saving bug fixing effort and preventing from problems with end users eventually

Download our paper, "Tool Chain for eSIM Profile Devlopment & Validation" today to learn how our eSIM tools can simplify your daily work:

Download Paper

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