Rationale in the context of GSMA SAS

SIM technology - and its latest evolution eSIM - is very sensitive with regards to security. The reason is that the SIM/eSIM technology manages the access to Mobile Network Operator networks. In case this would not be managed in a secure manner, fraud could happen, i.e. parties who are not allowed to access the network service / not paying for them, could be able to consume the service. But also, the data of users - potentially personal data - could be compromised.

Because of this, the GSMA has developed the SAS framework to ensure security.

While this makes a lot of sense, it adds some challenges to all parties developing and testing mobile devices and services. In distinction to earlier engineering phases, when devices / eUICCs approach market-readiness, they will essentially comply with the GSMA SAS framework.

But then, in order to get access to the device / eUICC, you also need a SAS-compliant service to manage and deliver a test profile to the device. Tools from an engineering environment will not be sufficient anymore. This is where the SIM Test Profile Service helps you as it is fully SAS compliant and supports you to deliver eSIM test profiles to devices in this stage:

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