Measurement and Analysis of Contactless Interfaces

The presence of interferences is a common challenge faced in contactless communication across various industries. To address this issue, the Design Validation Center provides specialized tools specifically designed for measuring and analyzing these interferences. By offering straightforward visualization, users are able to extract valuable insights and suggestions for necessary improvements, which can then be seamlessly integrated into the product design process. It provides a diverse set of magnetic field analysis capabilities, including vector field measurement and reader sensitivity assessment. Its array of options allows for thorough evaluation of the NFC interface, ensuring optimal performance and reliability.

Design Validation Center facilitates comprehensive examination of various products equipped with NFC technology such as car door handles, contactless readers, contactless cards, wearables, and more, enabling them to undergo thorough evaluation before entering the market.





Vector Field Scan

The Vector Field Probe serves as a core component of the Design Validation Center. Developed by COMPRION, this specialized antenna detects all three directions in space at right angles. Thanks to its unique design, a single measurement position is all that is needed to determine both the size and direction of the vector. To ensure precise positioning and repetition accuracy, the Design Validation Center comes with an integration of an industrial robot arm plus one for a simpler one, facilitating efficient and accurate measurements. Optionally, you can use your own robot or one distributed by COMPRION.





Measurement Volume Designer

The space in which the magnetic field is measured is called measurement volume. Design Validation Center provides a Measurement Volume Designer which is dedicated especially for the customized design of a measurement volume. From the individual requirements regarding form and dimensions of a suitable measurement volume plus the desired number of measurement positions, it generates an even distribution of measurement positions within the measurement volume.




Visualization of Measurement Results

Once all positions within the measurement volume have been approached and measured, the Design Validation Center provides a variety of visualizations of the magnetic field. To enhance your design, you can visualize the absolute values of the magnetic field strength on all measurement planes in either 2D or 3D. However, it's important to note that the vector field probe used in the measurement offers more than just the magnitude of the magnetic field strength. Its primary feature is the ability to identify the field direction, enabling the visualization of field properties in three dimensions. This capability facilitates quicker detection of stray magnetic fields and antenna defects, for instance.




Quick NFC Signal Analysis

When it comes to developing an NFC interface and conducting troubleshooting, analyzing analog signals is just as crucial as optimizing the magnetic field dimensions. Design Validation Center features an integrated NFC oscilloscope that combines the functionalities of a digital oscilloscope with a measurement instrument designed according to NFC, EMVCo, and ISO standards. This integration encompasses a wide range of comprehensive analysis tools, such as envelope calculation, timing analysis, amplitude analysis, and frequency analysis. Configuring the recording triggers and selecting the desired parameters for measurement is made effortless through a user-friendly GUI in the Design Validation Center, requiring just a few clicks.



Design Validation Center uses COMPRION´s CL Verify A und CL Quantify as instruments to measure the value and the direction of the magnetic field strength and to examine the performance of contactless readers. The integration of a robot for the positioning of the measuring antennas leads to fast and reproducible results.

Setup example for an automated 3D magnetic field scan with Design Validation Center:

Setup for 3D NFC Field Scan with Design Validation Center

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