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ERA-GLONASS: Get Your Unique SIM OTA Test Environment for In-Vehicle System Devices Here

Why is it so important?

In the Euroasian Economic Union (EAEU), all new vehicles must be equipped with the ERA-GLONASS emergency call system. Certification for these eCall systems is based on the Russian GOST R System specifications, where GOST 33470 covers the test methods for wireless communication modules of in-vehicle emergency call devices and systems. The newly added Chapter 9 will make SIM OTA testing mandatory from January 2019 on.

For whom is it important?

All car manufacturers who sell their vehicles into the Euroasian Economic Union.

Our solution

Together with our partner Anritsu, COMPRION offers the first and only solution for a test execution environment that operates in accordance with GSMA SGP.02 v.3.1 and confirmation of its compliance to the corresponding standards (Chapter 9 of GOST 33470-2015) and regulations.

This solution is deployed by the authorized test lab Svyaz-certificate ( in Russia for executing tests specified in GOST 33470 Chapter 9.

Based on this setup, you can run the tests yourself to qualify your devices or you can get in touch with us, if you need assistance. 


  • Network Simulator: Anritsu MD8475A

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