Custom Software Development

Complement your (test) tool set by tailored components!

In case you have specific requirements in the context of testing mobile devices, (e)SIMs and respective functionality or RSP infrastructure, we are an experienced partner for you.

Although our portfolio of (test) tools is already quite comprehensive, it may always happen that you have a specific requirement that cannot be fulfilled by an out-of-the-box product. A project to fulfill your requirement could result in a dedicated new tool or test environment. But it may also just extent one of our products by some additional features.

Such a potential requirement is that you need test cases, which are not covered by one of our test benches, which implement the test cases from conformance test standards (the ones used by e.g. GP, PTCRB, GCF). But we are already well prepared for this scenario. Our test bench execution environment “Connectivity Test Center” is an open platform. It can also be used to develop and run custom test cases, getting all the benefits from the environment like automated test case execution and reporting. If you do not want to implement your specific test cases yourself, COMPRION can help you.



Service type: Software Engineering

Customer segment: M(V)NOs, (M2M) connectivity Provider, SM-DP(+) provider, OEMs

Reference: In long-term relationships we develop test tools for a big north American and a big European MNO.

Typical effort: depends on requirements



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