eSIM Profile Engineering Support

Quick and efficient support if you get stuck in your eSIM profile creation effort!

eSIM profile creation may get stuck in a situation where it is unclear how to code a certain business requirement, how to fix a syntactical / semantical issue or how to mitigate from an interoperability issue with an eUICC / device.

Support from an expert could help to overcome such an obstacle and therefore to significantly shorten the development process and to assure the intended outcome.

Our experts have all the tools at hand, which allow to address your question efficiently, e.g.:

  • eUICC Profile Creator: allows to drill deep into the profile content, to check the profile against e.g. a TCA rule-set for syntactical/semantical correctness
  • eUICC Profile Manager with the Loader module (for M2M or Consumer test eUICCs / devices) and the eSIM Test Profile Service (for commercial GSMA SAS-compliant test devices): download and install your profile and check the error messages during these steps
  • eUICC Profile Manager with the Explorer Module: check OTA aspects
  • COMPRION Network Bridge: test how a device with your profile would attach to a mobile network. Drill into all details and identify issues


Service type: Technical Consulting

Customer segment: M(V)NOs, (M2M) connectivity Provider, SM-DP(+) provider

Reference: Support of an MVNO in the consumer space, who is dealing with multiple home MNOs, to create its own eSIM profiles.

Typical effort: demand driven, often only few working days (e.g. 3-5)


Do you have any questions regarding our systems, technical issues or product related topics? Our support team will be quick to help you with straightforward assistance.

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