eSIM Profile - eUICC/Device Interoperability Testing

Ensure that your eSIM-based communication service works properly on the different devices of your customers!

Although the eSIM as well as the eSIM profile format are standardized (GSMA / Trusted Connectivity Allicance - COMPRION is member in both) and the eSIM is part of (GCF / PTCRB / GP) conformance testing, in practice interoperability problems remain. Identifying and fixing them before end users are affected and an issue results in negative business impact is key.

You provide the eUICC / device to us as well as the eSIM profile and we run it through a comprehensive testing scope, leveraging more or less our entire (test) tool portfolio, combined with all of our expert know how.
This will help you to identify and fix all interoperability problems. Or in case you have already spotted that there is a problem, the testing shall identify what aspect is causing the problem.

Deliverable: Comprehensive test report


Service type: Testing-as-a-service

Customer segment: M(V)NOs, EUMs, SM-DP(+) provider, OEMs, (M2M) connectivity provider

Reference: COMPRION is a major facilitator of GSMA’s LITE events which conducts such interoperability tests

Typical effort: fixed service pricing per tested eSIM profile - eSIM / device  combination (root cause analysis and fixes for more compley issues that have been identified may require on-top professional service effort)

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