eSIM Test Profile Creation

Test with an eSIM test profile which exactly addresses what is relevant for you!

Based on your specific requirements, COMPRION creates an eSIM test profile which allows you to exactly test what you want to test, e.g. a specific behavior of an eSIM device in the network that is controlled by information in the eSIM profile.  

Send us your requirements - potentially just as a delta to other commonly used test profiles, e.g. the portfolio of GSMA TS.48 profiles. Once we have a common understanding, we'll create your test profile.

Deliverable: Test profile in ASN.1 format. We'll test that it correctly downloads and installs on two different eUICCs/devices.

Based on the deliverable of this project (but not part of the project), you can then use the profile to facilitate your testing, e.g. by:

  • loading the test profile onto (non-GSMA-SAS-compliant) test eUICCs or test devices, e.g. using the Loader component (for Consumer or M2M devices) of COMPRION's eUICC Profile Manager tool
  • loading the test profile onto commercial devices (with full GSMA SAS compliance) by leveraging COMPRION's eSIM Test Profile Service (for Consumer devices)

In case you need to e.g. alter certain values of the test profile in order to test specific behavior of an eUICC / device, we're of course happy to support you. But there is also the option that you do it yourself by:

  • using our eUICC Profile Creator to modify the profile, before it is loaded to the eUICC / device
  • using our eUICC Profile Manager to modify certain values over the air



Service type: Engineering

Customer segment: Manufacturers of devices / modules / chip sets, Test labs

Reference: (i) Creation of a test profile for an OEM developing specific mobile devices for enterprise use cases, (ii) COMPRION was one of the major contributors to create the industry-wide used GSMA TS.48 test profiles

Typical effort: 3-5 working days, assuming that your requirements allow to use an existing GSMA / COMPRION test profile as the starting point to code your specific requirements (will be more, if the requirements are so different that a totally new profile needs to be created from scratch; in this case the effort will be in the range of 5-10 working days)


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