SIM-to-eSIM Conversion

When evolving towards eSIM-based services, why starting from scratch to develop an eSIM profile?

M(V)NOs provide communication services based on SIM cards, which define all the features of the  company's communication services. Often, a lot of effort has been spend over years to add more and more sophistication. Also, it is proven that the configurations on the SIM properly represent what is intended.

A friction-less evolution towards eSIM-based services can be achieved by creating the  eSIM profile based on the existing SIM card as a starting point. COMPRION can create such an eSIM profile. We start with the content of the original SIM card and conduct all the transformations necessary to end-up with an equivalent eSIM profile.

As M(V)NO, you just need to provide a sample of your SIM card with PIN keys to enable us to access all data elements of the file tree. Alternatively, you can read-out the content yourself, e.g. using COMPRION's File Tree Express tool and send this content to us. Security Domain(s) and RFM applications will be created with the parameters agreed. We'll provide a template where you can document the settings you require.

Further on, based on the deliverable of the project, you can evolve and modify the profile yourself, e.g. by using COMPRION's eUICC Profile Creator Tool. Testing the profile yourself, without the need to involve a SM-DP/DP+ provider, is possible by:

  • loading the profile onto a test eUICC/device (i.e. non-GSMA-SAS-compliant) with the Loader module (for Consumer or M2M devices) of COMPRION's eUICC Profile Manager, or
  • loading the profile on a commercial device (with full GSMA SAS compliance) via COMPRION's eSIM Test Profile Service (for Consumer devices)

Deliverable: We provide a TCA-compliant eSIM profile in ASN.1 notation to you. We will conduct  baseline interoperability testing of the profile with eUICCs/devices by testing and ensuring that the profile can be loaded and installed on two different eUICCs / devices.

Out-of-scope (but optional extension to the SIM-to-eSIM project):

  • More comprehensive interoperability testing with eUICCs / devices as defined in e.g. the "eSIM Profile - eUICC/Device Interoperability Testing" professional service
  • Adding / changing features compared to the source SIM, e.g. adding features to support specific 5G aspects to a 4G SIM card 
  • Testing against a network, e.g.:
    • functional testing of the eSIM profile with a COMPRION device simulation against a simulated network based on COMPRION's Network Bridge tool (e.g. establishing of a 2/3/4/5G data connection and ability to send SMS)
    • testing based on a real device via the physical radio interface against a Network Simulator (e.g. establishing of a 2/3/4G data connection and ability to send SMS)
    • the actual M(V)NO's network - worksplit between COMPRION and M(V)NO to be defined, i.e.:
      • Provisioning: would COMPRION provide a profile template and the M(V)NO or its SM-DP+provider would create the profile with all the network credentials and facilitate loading it to a device, or would the M(V)NO provide the network credentials to COMPRION for COMPRION to create the final profile and to provide it for downloading?
      • Would COMPRION test via Roaming or would the M(V)NO test itself within the network directly?
  • Creation of a profile template according to the M(V)NOs specification of variables


Service type: Engineering

Customer segment: M(V)NOs, (M2M) Connectivity Provider, SM-DP(+) provider

Reference: The Anritsu- / Rohde&Schwarz-specific eSIM profiles, offered within COMPRION‘s eSIM Test Profile Service, have been created this way.

Typical effort:  ~5 working days - if there are no special complexities and requirements.
Such could be: special effort to deal with applets, upgrading the profile towards a newer TCA specification, problem fixing e.g. in case the original SIM contained non-standardized features.


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