Validating the Contactless Interface Design

The CL Quantify serves as a crucial hardware tool within the analog testing solutions, meeting the sampling requirements of NFC Forum and EMVCo. Functioning as a digital storage oscilloscope, it offers a sample rate of up to 100 MHz. This enables efficient data acquisition in 50 Ohm systems while also facilitating precise high impedance measurements with input impedance options of 1 M Ohm or 10 M Ohm (17 pF).

The CL Quantify, with its capacity to measure direct current and integration into COMPRION's development-focused tools, is a customized component that seamlessly operates alongside CL Verify. Acting as a cost-effective alternative to the UT³ Platform for contactless testing, it helps to prepare products for certifications. In essence, the CL Quantify serves the diverse testing purposes of the "CL" product family, including pre-certification, interoperability, and development, when combined with the corresponding platform software.


COMPRION Test Solutions Using CL Quantify

NFC Forum Test Solutions

Automated test solutions for NFC Forum-approved compliance testing.

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EMVCo L1 Test Solutions

Test solutions for EMVCo qualified contactless L1 certification testing.

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CEN TS 16794-2 Test Solutions

Automated solutions for testing according ISO and CEN standards.

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Input Channels

  • A & B: 2 sockets per channel
    • BNC input: 1 MOhm, 17 pF (alternatively 50 Ohm)
    • MCX input: 10 MOhm, 17 pF (alternatively 50 Ohm)
    • Input range 1: ±0.25 V
    • Input range 2: ±2,5 V
    • Input range 3: ±25 V
  • Trig(ger)/Cal:
    • Impedance: 11 MOhm, < 13 pF (alternatively 50 Ohm)
    • Measurement range:  ±25 V
    • Threshold: ±25 V (adjustable)
  • Digitalization:
    • Vertical resolution: 14 bit
    • RAM: 4 Gbit
    • Recording period: max. 2.68 s
    • Time resolution: 10 ns

Output Channel

  • Pre-Amp A & B:
    • Output voltage range (depending on input range): ±0,59 V / ±1,88 V


  • W x D x H: 241 x 274 x 44mm

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