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CLT Move

The comprehensive trace tool for the contactless interface

  • Supported protocols
    • NFC Forum
    • ISO/IEC 14443 (A/B)
    • ISO/IEC 18092
    • Proprietary contactless protocols
  • Synchronized tracing of NFC and SWP/HCI (in combination with Move 2)
  • Powerful analyzers for timing measurements and error identification using COMPRION Interoperability Test Center
  • Integrated oscilloscope
  • Use Cases
  • Accessories

CLT Move is designed for analyzing the communication exchanged between NFC-enabled smartphones, devices, cards, and tags. It can be used for

  • Interoperability testing (contactless interfaces)
  • Field testing (mobile usage)
  • Development/debugging of
    – Contactless terminals/readers
    – Contactless front-ends (CLFs)
    – NFC-enabled devices
    – NFC applications
    – Contactless cards
    – RFID tags
  • Visualization and measurement of analog signals
  • Combined NFC/SWP/HCI testing
  • Quality assurance

Together with COMPRION’s Move 2, synchronized monitoring of contact-based and contactless communication on the same time scale allows testing of the contactless front-end of NFC-enabled phones and chipsets.


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