5G SA USIM/USAT Testing with COMPRION SIMfony MT8000A

Get ready for 5G with GCF/PTCRB test platform TP226!

In order to make sure that your device is prepared for 5G NR operation in standalone (SA) mode, COMPRION SIMfony MT8000A adds 5G SA USIM/USAT testing capabilities. And you can find this solution already registered at GCF and PTCRB as test platform TP226. COMPRION SIMfony MT8000A consists of the new Anritsu 5G Radio Communication Test Station MT8000A and the (U)SIM simulator UT³ Platform. Benefit from the most advanced test platform, which has activated GCF WI-508-NR and WI-509-NR!! That means, TP226 is the world´s first test platform, which has been approved for this 5G work item. This way, the new 5G features are now available for certification.

5G SA USIM Testing

Regarding 3GPP TS 31.121 Rel-15, the GCF WI-508-NR and PTCRB RFT 508 so far list the following tests:
•   Clause 5.3 "Handling subscription identifier privacy for 5G"
•   Clause 5.4 "Unified Access Control information handling for 5G-NR"
•   Clause 15.1 "Authentication procedure for EAP-AKA' "
•   Clause 15.2 "Authentication procedure for 5G AKA"
•   Clause 16.1 UE (User Equipment) Route Selection Policy (URSP) procedure

Hence, the following COMPRION SIMfony MT8000A packages contain these tests:
•   Clause 5.3: 3GPP TS 31.121 USIM 5G Test Bench Stage 1
•   Clause 5.4: 3GPP TS 31.121 USIM 5G Test Bench Stage 2
•   Clauses 5.5, 15.1 and 15.2: 3GPP TS 31.121 USIM 5G Test Bench Stage 3
•   Clause 16.1: 3GPP TS 31.121 USIM 5G Test Bench Stage 4

5G SA USAT Testing

A growing number of test cases defined for 5G SA USAT as specified in 3GPP TS 31.124 Rel-15 cover the following topics:

•    Provide Local Information
•    Refresh
•    BIP (Open Channel, Close Channel, Receive Data, Send Data, Get Channel Status)
•    Event Download (Location Status, Data Available, Channel Status Change, Access Technology Change, Network Rejection, Data Connection Change)
•    CALL CONTROL an PDU Session for NG-RAN
•    SMS-PP Download via DL NAS TRANSPORT message

COMPRION has activated the GCF Work Item 509-NR, so that these features are available for certification.

Moreover, the PTCRB RFT 509 list these tests.

Thus, 3GPP TS 31.124 USAT 5G Test Bench Stage 1 - updated with 6 new test cases!

Stay ahead in device certification with the best test platform TP226!

UT³ Platform - TP226 with MT8000A

Conformance platform

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Prove 2 - Pre-Certification with MT8000A

Pre-Conformance Platform

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Simplified Licensing

Because both, the licenses for the COMPRION modules and for the test benches of the Anritsu MT8000A are stored in the Device Test Center, handling is simpler now: For example, if your MT8000A is out for repair or calibration, it is now possible to exchange the Anritsu MT8000A against another with the same configuration. But it works without the need for a new license related to the new network simulator hardware. This way you can directly continue your testing which saves efforts and costs.


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