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The complexity of the mobile ecosystem is continuously expanding, resulting in a greater need for comprehensive testing. As a result, the number of tests required to cover all relevant interfaces is also increasing. To address this challenge, COMPRION Device Test Center was specifically designed to simplify and accelerate your previously time-consuming testing efforts. Device Test Center is available for a wide range of COMPRION hardware, providing customers with versatile testing solutions that cater to their specific needs.

Use Cases Inlcude:

  • Testing and analysis of NFC and UICC interfaces, including ISO/IEC 7816, SWP/HCI, and IC-USB.
  • Comprehensive compliance testing of mobile devices, according to industry standards such as 3GPP, EMVCo, ETSI, GlobalPlatform, GSMA and NFC Forum.
  • Development of contact-based smart card and NFC interfaces.



Test Plan Management

Configure and manage multiple Implementations Under Test (IUT) or Devices Under Test (DUT) with varying characteristics. Easily define parameters for each IUT and automate test case adaptation. Take advantage of comprehensive features for managing IUTs, including creating, duplicating, deleting, exporting, and importing. Streamline test setup management with integrated test plan functionality. Generate comprehensive test plans, automate plan generation based on IUT features, and effectively manage requirements, test plans, and test cases for efficient testing.




Test Reporting and Analysis

Device Test Center offers a comprehensive overview and detailed insights into all your test results. It provides numerous options to accelerate analysis and bug fixing, allowing you to view individual test results, customize analysis with step-by-step instructions, generate detailed test results or summary reports for an IUT or test plan, and create certification-specific test reports effortlessly.



Troubleshooting with Analog Scope

The Analog Scope function is an additional feature for analyzing and troubleshooting signaling errors. It records and visualizes analog data, providing quick measurements of waveform characteristics with a single mouse click. Additionally, the Analog Scope Viewer allows evaluation of measurement results, including time intervals, to aid troubleshooting and assess IUT performance. Independent of test case execution, it can be used for discrete monitoring sessions. With predefined quick measurements, you gain valuable information on waveform characteristics and receive detailed comments explaining test failures.




Monitoring Capabilities

Monitoring plays a crucial role in troubleshooting by providing essential insights into recorded data across different layers, facilitating efficient issue identification and resolution. Device Test Center displays monitoring results ain separate windows, providing interpretable information about the complete data stream. Synchronized views enable seamless navigation within the log file, while zoom features allow for a closer examination of incidents at the physical layer. As a result, troubleshooting is accelerated, leading to faster identification and resolution of issues and ultimately improving development processes.

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