The profile is an important element in the eSIM ecosystem. When deployed and activated on an eSIM, the profile controls the radio connectivity of a mobile device. For instance, it enables a device to authenticate to the network and secures access to a 3GPP release network core.

The eSIM profile consists of a set of components that include security domains, network access applications, the file system, and connectivity parameters and it must conform to the interoperable description format defined by Trusted Connectivity Alliance.

eUICC Profile Creator is the perfect companion when working with eSIM profiles as all changes to a profile are immediately visible and instantly verified against the supplied  rule sets, giving you definitive clarity on the correctness of the eSIM profile.

Who is it for?

Companies that provide communications services, including but not limited to:

  • MNOs & MVNOs
  • M2M Connectivity Providers
  • RSP Service Providers
  • Private/Campus Network Providers

Companies working with eSIM profiles e.g.:

  • SM-DP and SM-DP+ Providers
  • MNEs & MVNEs

Marcus Dormanns

Lead Innovation Manager


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Create an eSIM profile

You want to create a new profile with all profile elements defining your card's behavior? Just start with an empty profile package and add predefined profile element templates for all profile element types. A context sensitive help on profile elements and their content supports you editing the eSIM profile.


Modify profile aspects according to individual requirements

Interpretation of the profile element ASN.1 content allows a convenient editing and modification of the eSIM profile. You are able to build up and modify your file system on profile element level (TCA templates or Generic File Management). The resulting file system based on the defined profile elements is shown in the File System View. File control parameter and file content are supported by file specific interpretations.


Validate the content of Your eSIM profile

You received an eSIM profile and want to inspect the correctness of the content? Just load the eSIM profile and all content is available to you. In real time, the eSIM profile will be validated by executing predefined validation rules derived from TCA, 3GPP, 3GPP2 and ETSI specifications. Violations are reported and indicated in the editor. An overall error report can be generated and shared with colleagues.

Real time validation also supports you to avoid errors during profile creation.


Prepare & personalize profile package templates

You want to define a profile template for later re-use? Simply define variables which shall be later replaced by 'real' values in a profile package. Batch personalization allows you to prepare your personalized set of eSIM profiles. Alternatively, you can export a hexadecimal profile description including the variable names which can be included into your personalization process.

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