Cave Algorithm

Cave Algorithm

128K/J Test CSIM/Test (U)SIM – Mini-UICC

Prod. No.: 10542002
  • UICC multi-application platform
  • Five applications: Test R-UIM, Test CSIM, Test SIM, Test USIM, Test ISIM 
  • Based on Java CardTM Open Platform technology
  • 1.8 V / 3 V / 5 V
  • Temperature –25°C to +85°C
  • 128K EEPROM
  • APIN 1 disabled
  • Cave/GSM XOR/3G test algorithm
  • Creation of new data fields allowed
  • 2FF (plug-in), 3FF (mini-UICC)
  • Repluggable card


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