How to Read and Understand NFC Captures - Webinar Replay!

See how the TraceCase Viewer software helps to master even long traces. Quickly check signal behavior with the built-in Analog Scope. Benefit from ist verification feature for your measurements against NFC Forum specifications.

How to Use TraceCase without App!

See how the TraceCase web interface helps you to work with TraceCase directly on your PC, Sometimes the app is not possible to use. But this is no reason to worry! Watch the video and simply start tracing with your PC!



Meet TraceCase, the discreet tracer for identifying both – digital and analog signals in NFC communication in the field.

How to Find Car Door NFC Errors?

What happens when you can't unlock your car because of a problem in the NFC between your phone and the car door? And what is all has to do with analoge tracing?

Quality Analyzer

With the Analyzer feature of the TraceCase App 2 you can immediately see the quality of every single trace, right where the magic happened.


Check out the TraceCase webinar as VoD and learn from our experts Swantje Missfeldt & Andreas Schreckenberg the 6 highlights that will make you love NFC tracing.

Undercover Tracing

Ever wondered how you can trace your data without anyone noticing it? See how to perform undercover tracing in the field.

Capture and Replay

Capture the real-time communication with TraceCase, send the data directly to your lab to simulate the transaction and quickly fix the errors.

Position the TraceCase Antenna

You’re using TraceCase to sniff into transactions in the field. This short instruction will show you how to position the antennas correctly to achieve the best results.

Witness it live

How about we give you a glimpse behind the curtain in form of a personal live demo? Just get in touch with one of our experts and we will make it happen: smissfeldt(at), aschreckenberg(at)


Do you have any questions regarding our systems, technical issues or product related topics? Our support team will be quick to help you with straightforward assistance.

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