Introducing the USIM/USAT Test Designer, a powerful tool tailored for developing and manipulating USIM/USAT tests. Whether you're working on the UT³ Platform or Prove 2, this versatile solution is accessible for all mobile devices providing access to a physical SIM slot.

Benefit from a template test bench and detailed API documentation featuring predefined test case manipulations. Easily create your own tests with step-by-step guidance, allowing for a straightforward and intuitive test development process. In addition, the USIM/USAT Test Designer incorporates C# scripting in the test cases. Elevate your development testing with the practical functionality of the USIM/USAT Test Designer.

UT³ Platform

The universal conformance test platform for contact-based and contactless terminal testing.

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Prove 2

The comprehensive terminal test tool for all smart card interfaces for pre-conformance testing.

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