March 07, 2017

COMPRION Offers Technology Consulting Services

It is COMPRION’s ambition to create comprehensive, multi-functional, yet easy-to-use and intuitive test solutions. And we see us as a partner, meaning we accompany your product development with our expertise and advice.

This is why we now offer a new service: Test support including technology consultancy and the relevant test systems during the development phase. We do not only help with our deep understanding of the technology, but also with assistance for very tricky and complex testing tasks.

Extended Technology Training
•    More than a regular product training: individual hands-on experience
•    Become confident about the used technology
•    Learn tricks while working with our test solutions

Debugging and Analysis Report
•    Improve your understanding of test results while running your test plan
•    We can jointly analyze your test reports

Hire an Expert
•    Profit from our knowledge and get expert advice
•    Together we help you cracking even the toughest nuts

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