October 13, 2021

Marcus Dormanns at Rohde & Schwarz's Mobile Test Summit 2021

Our very own Marcus Dormanns is presenting on the digital conference for wireless communication! We're going to discuss the different testing use cases for eSIMs in a 5G world to ensure reliable technology, preventing from negative business impact. And we provide insights into how to conduct such tests.

When is it taking place?

 Marcus' presentation will go live on Day 1 of the event:
25th October 2021 11:00 - 11:30 AM

What can we expect?

This abstract gives a sneak peek of what to expect:

The eSIM comes with a higher business relevance compared to its plastic predecessor: In addition to controlling the network access, it is part of the online customer service provision process, defined by GSMA’s Remote SIM Provisioning technology. More and more MNOs, MVNOs & Service Providers embed these capabilities as seamlessly as possible into their customer facing business processes, further streamlining them by utilizing additional components like a customized LPA or a so-called “carrier app”. Therefore, proper end-to-end interoperability of all these components is business critical.  In a 5G network, the eSIM and the eSIM profile also control the behavior of the device in campus/private networks and network slices, further increasing its business relevance.

In the presentation, we discuss the different testing use cases to ensure reliable technology, preventing from negative business impact. And we provide insights into how to conduct such tests.

What is the Mobile Test Summit?

It's the digital conference for wireless communication.
This is how Rohde & Schwarz on their website describes it:

"The roll-out of 5G networks is in full swing and the industry is focusing now on delivering the ultimate 5G experience. Most important now, to ensure the highly set requirements and KPIs by thorough testing from design to production and operation.

The everlasting demand for more efficiency drives digitalization, virtualization and openness and will finally push innovations in the mobile industry. New architectures, new applications and new value chains will give a boost for testing and certification.

The flexibility of 5G, high-bandwidth and real-time capabilities promise a wide range of new applications and will enable new business opportunities in several industries. 3GPP standard enhancements are in preparation for higher releases such as very-precise positioning, integrating time-sensitive networking (TSN) for IIoT and C-V2X for automotive communication and the next generation is shining already on the horizon.

The Mobile Test Summit will illuminate these aspects with the help of industry experts that are sharing their insights and visions and Rohde & Schwarz experts sharing their testing expertise in four sessions." - Source

How can I join the fun?

You can join by registering on this website.

We are pumped to see you there!



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