February 15, 2017

Testing the eUICC Environment with COMPRION

The Basis of Our eUICC Solutions: Modular Testing Approach

Smart test solutions stand out because they can be adapted easily to specific test tasks and environments. This is particularly beneficial when many different components are involved in the communication. In the eUICC environment, these could be for instance, several back-end servers, the mobile network, and the mobile device with the embedded UICC. When testing in a real-life environment where nearly all real components are available, the test setup is fundamentally different from testing in a lab environment. MNOs, for example, are able to use their own (test)  network. In contrast, providers of OTA servers or other back-end servers might not have access to test networks. Therefore, COMPRION has decided to design its test solutions as modular as possible. We offer suitable simulations for all components.

Let’s take the network, for example: If available and desired, the real network can be used. Without a real network, a network simulator enables testing of eUICCs embedded in a real mobile device. Alternatively, consider using COMPRION Network Bridge, a software-only solution that requires neither network components nor devices and is especially helpful when working with servers and unsoldered eUICCs.

The functionality of eUICCs used in the M2M environment differs substantially from that of eUICCs used in consumer devices. The modularity implemented in the COMPRION test solutions and software tools allows meeting both needs by changing or adapting the relevant simulation modules: 



Modular Structure of the eUICC Test Solution for the M2M Environment




Modular Structure of the eUICC Test Solution for the Consumer Device Environment



COMPRION Tools for eUICC and Remote SIM Provisioning

Based on this modular approach and the expertise in (e)UICC testing, COMPRION designed various test solutions. As we offer tools to connect the eUICC directly to the server, we ease the life of eUICC manufacturers. Moreover, we enable device manufacturers to control and test remote SIM provisioning scenarios and allow them to access the eUICC already soldered into a device.


RSP M2M Test Platform

The flexible platform for advanced testing of M2M remote SIM provisioning (RSP) scenarios


The benefits of COMPRION’s modular test approach are reflected particularly in test tasks where the test environments differ significantly for each use case or scenario. The latter applies, for example, when testing one of the most delicate practicalities: remote provisioning of an eUICC. Thus, the individual requirements can be met by the great diversity of combinations when selecting real or simulated back-end servers. COMPRION’s RSP Test Platform provides the suitable test environment for all entities involved: M2M modules, smartphones with soldered eUICCs, back-end servers, and eUICCs.



Example of RSP M2M Test Platform configuration for SM-SR change testing


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eUICC Profile Manager

The modular tool for efficient eUICC life cycle management


The eUICC Profile Manager allows users to manage (load, delete, enable, disable), view, and modify the profiles of an eUICC even if it is soldered. The eUICC Profile Manager is a modular tool that can be used to manage the content of eUICCs efficiently throughout their life cycle. 

The Profile Loader module comes with a variety of simulated servers (and other entities) and enables users to load, enable, disable, or delete profiles from consumer devices or M2M eUICCs. As it supports the latest versions of the SIMalliance eUICC Profile Package Interoperable Format Test Specification, it is useful for MNOs and both eUICC and server manufacturers. Device or module manufacturers use this tool to prepare devices with (soldered) eUICCs for their testing needs.

On the other hand, the Profile Explorer module enables users to view or apply changes to the content of stored and enabled profiles. It scans complete file trees of UICCs or eUICCs and even supports updating individual EFs from remote. Furthermore, remote file and application management capabilities (RFM/RAM) scripts can be initiated from the same convenient user interface.

The eUICC Profile Manager can be used in different environments. Over-the-air updates are enabled by help of a connection to a real or simulated network. The latter could be provided, for example, by an R&S CMW290 or CMW500 running in callbox mode. Thus, it becomes possible to modify content of (e)UICCs even when they are soldered into an M2M or consumer device. If the eUICC is not soldered, the COMPRION Network Bridge can be used to perform the same actions in a much simpler setup.


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COMPRION Network Bridge

The lean software solution for testing remote provisioning capabilities of non-soldered (e)UICCs


COMPRION Network Bridge establishes a direct connection between non-soldered (e)UICCs and back-end servers. Hence, it is the ideal tool to enable end-to-end tests in a simple setup. It comes with simulations of the essential network components, simulated mobile equipment as well as a simulation of the LPA for consumer device support.



 Setup for Consumer Device testing with COMPRION Network Bridge

No further equipment is required to enable anyone working with non-soldered eUICCs, including server manufacturers, MNOs, device or eUICC manufacturers, to quickly connect a server to a card and run RSP, RFM, or RAM operations. Logs of such transactions are displayed in a well-structured user interface. They can be processed and analyzed even further in COMPRION's popular monitoring software, including the OTA Remote Management Translator. Thus, analyzing and understanding remote provisioning APDUs becomes more convenient and requires less expertise.


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Conformance Test Packages

The best way to ensure compliancy to the latest eUICC and remote SIM provisioning standards



To offer reliable services, it is vital to ensure the interoperability of all involved components, e.g., by reducing the risk of incompatibility between eUICC and back-end servers. The industry has already agreed on conformance standards in some places at the GSMA and SIMalliance. COMPRION offers the related compliance test benches.

M2M Environment

We offer a GlobalPlatform-qualified test solution for M2M eUICCs that helps to prove interoperability and eUICC-card compliancy according to the GSMA SGP.11 Remote Provisioning Architecture for Embedded UICC Test Specification.

Consumer Device Environment

For eUICCs used in consumer devices, COMPRION offers a comparable test bench according to the GSMA requirements defined in GSMA SGP.22. If the eUICC is not soldered, just a PC/SC reader and a card adaptor are necessary to connect it to the Device Test Center software. If the eUICC is already soldered, COMPRION offers a solution that includes transport channel simulators for Bluetooth and Wi-Fi communication and the integration of a network simulator.

Tests for Both Areas

SIMalliance has released a test specification for a global-binding profile description format. This is another important step in the direction of exchangeable eUICC content that works on both eUICC platforms. COMPRION was part of the group that defined the test specification and is now working on implementing the tests.



Did You Know That COMPRION Also Offers Customer-Specific Test Solutions?

COMPRION enables you to design your own special test environments. You are free to integrate real components, or to model parts of the environment using the matching simulators. Occasionally, however, there are customer requirements that are so specific that they call for a dedicated test solution. COMPRION’s customer solutions team is happy to assist you in building specific solutions that solve your individual technological challenges. We fully utilize the various options provided by the continuously enhanced range of eUICC test tools and the flexible infrastructure including APIs.


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