UT³ Platform high precision measurement tool with screen and connectors front

Automated Test Solution NFC Forum Digital

Meet our NFC Forum Digital Test Solution, a powerful test platform that effectively supports all test cases described in NFC Forum's Digital Protocol Test Specification. Our Device Test Center test suite, on which all test cases are automatically executed, seamlessly operates on our proprietary hardware. We offer it together with the UT³ platform, which has been validated and approved by the NFC Forum, or together with CL Verify A, a cost-effective tool that can run the same test cases, making it the perfect companion for the development phase and preparation for certification in a lab.

NFC Forum-approved test solutions for NFC certification, based on the conformance platform UT³ Platform and control software Device Test Center:

  • NFC Forum WLC-L Type 2 Tag
  • NFC Forum WLC-P Type 2 Tag
  • NFC Forum WLC-L Type 5 Tag
  • NFC Forum WLC-P Type 5 Tag

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