Your Ticket to the nuSIM Ecosystem - Functional nuSIM Testing

Did you know that nuSIM is an integrated SIM designed by Deutsche Telekom? It is targeted at low-cost IoT applications, all SIM functionality is coded into the IoT chip. This specific iSIM benefits from optimized space without physical SIM hardware. In addition, low power consumption prolongs life time. More important, simpler ways of handling profiles with operator data speed up roll out.


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Deutsche Telekom has initiated the nuSIM and a complete ecosystem around it. The reason was the lack of a homogeneous platform offering all IoT functions without friction. The nuSIM initiative unites chipset manufacturers, modem vendors, operating system providers as well as IoT component OEMs in the nuSIM ecosystem.

Since many companies are involved, interoperability testing and certification have become mandatory. Consequently, COMPRION partnered to write a functional test specification.

COMPRION now provides the corresponding test tool to prove the compliance by nuSIM testing. The corresponding test bench runs on the test plan management software Connectivity Test Center. To prove proper network access, the R&S®CMW290 or R&S®CMW500 network simulator completes the setup as "callbox". It connects via local LAN to the software on the PC. Finally, a customer specific chip connector translates between the Device under Test = DUT and the test bench. As COMPRION supports with proven examples, adopting this interface is fast.


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