Use Cases

Make eSIM testing simpler and faster. Approve quality with helpful reports and log files!

The main use cases of Connectivity Test Center are: 

  • Development of eUICCs /eSIMs and UICCs / SIMs and integrated SIMs / iSIM
  • Development of smart cards and the respective chipsets
  • Interoperability testing/monitoring of different devices and applications
  • Quality assurance: Detecting communication errors before product launch
  • Monitoring and measuring on physical, protocol, transport, and application layer
  • Writing individual test scenarios
  • (e)UICC and smart card conformance testing (analog & digital)
  • Electrical chip qualification
  • Support for manufacturers and operators to better market their secure solutions adhering to GlobalPlatform qualification
Related Hardware

Connectivity Test Center can be combined with a range of different hardware, depending on required capabilities:


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