Live Bluetooth Message Translation in Digital Key Applications

Ensuring accurate performance within passive Phone-As-A-Key applications for vehicle access presents a challenge to quality teams and developers. This task involves navigating intricate communication protocols to achieve optimal functionality. Digital Key Viewer translates Bluetooth messages in strict compliance with the Car Connectivity Consortium, leveraging the capabilities of the Ellisys Bluetooth Tracker hardware ( through a remote control API. It facilitates translation of Bluetooth log files while live, as well as post-translation of previously recorded logs. Most important, by entering the appropriate key, encrypted parts of the Bluetooth communication become human readable, and a user-friendly CSV export allows for fast processing of these data in existing tool chains and workbenches.

Digital Key Viewer is a comprehensive tool that helps quality assurance and development teams to effectively analyze and interpret the nuances of Bluetooth communication within car access applications. It delivers human readable logfiles translating Bluetooth messages for Digital Key applications in line with Car Connectivity Consortium Digital Key Release 3. With this version of the CCC specification, engineers can implement advanced features like passive key entry, so that users do not need to take their phones out of their pockets while accessing their cars. This is achieved through the implementation of Bluetooth Low Energy for the communication protocol and Ultrawideband Radio for secure distance bounding.

Who is it for?

Authorized Car Connectivity Consortium members working on the digital key according to CCC standard, including but not limited to:

  • Automotive manufacturers
  • Automotive suppliers
  • Smartphone, and smart device manufacturers
  • Developers of digital key solutions
  • Quality assurance teams


Digital Key Viewer Software Interface

User-friendly recording and viewing software featuring CSV export capability. The screenshot depicts a Bluetooth L2CAP view of a SPAKE2+ REQUEST. A comprehensive dissection of the ADPU command is presented in the adjacent window, adhering to the specifications of the Car Connectivity Consortium Digital Key.


CCC Digital Key Test Solution

When integrated with the CCC Digital Key Test Solution, our Digital Key Viewer adds a layer of Bluetooth communication analysis to the test suite. Combined, it enables engineers with live NFC-based car access testing and Bluetooth communication evaluation, ensuring a robust and interoperable CCC Digital Key implementation.

Learn more about the CCC Digital Key Test Solution here.


The graphic illustrates the interaction and responsibilities of Ellisys hardware and software together with the Digital Key Viewer from COMPRION.

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