June 19, 2023

COMPRION Promotes Digital Key Test Tool at Car Connectivity Consortium's PlugFest #4

COMPRION successfully participated in the Car Connectivity Consortium's (CCC) PlugFest #4 with its CCC Digital Key End-to-End Test Tool. The event, hosted by BMW in Munich from 19-23 June, brought together renowned automotive and smartphone manufacturers to promote the CCC Digital Key as a universal standard for secure and hassle-free vehicle access.

In addition to testing CCC Digital Key applications, PlugFest #4 focused on cross-device friendsharing, Bluetooth and UWB testing.

The COMPRION Digital Key Test Tool was used to test the interaction of digital key applications with a variety of car types and mobile phones to identify communication and interoperability issues prior to market launch. It is based on COMPRION’s CL Verify A hardware and associated software.  
"During the PlugFest, all tests went through successfully," explains Andreas Schreckenberg, product manager for NFC test solutions at COMPRION. The company's participation in the event demonstrates its ongoing commitment to promoting interoperability, reducing market fragmentation and providing a seamless user experience through a universal standard.

Read the CCC press release for more details.

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