December 19, 2023

COMPRION offers validated test tool for CCC Digital Key Certification Program

The Car Connectivity Consortium has just announced its CCC Digital Key Certification. The aim is to create global interoperability for digital key applications for vehicles and mobile devices through uniform standards, validated test tools and certified test labs.

COMPRION is pleased to announce that it is the provider of the validated CCC End-to-End Interoperability Test Tool for NFC. The COMPRION Digital Key Test Tool is based on the COMPRION Hardware CL Verify A and includes an End-to-End Interoperability Test Suite. It enables smartphone and car manufacturers and their suppliers to test their digital CCC digital key applications in real-life scenarios and get the stamp of approval for market authorization in certified test labs.

Andreas Schreckenberg, Product Manager for NFC test solutions at COMPRION, explains: "The tool ensures that applications on a wide variety of mobile devices interact reliably with the counterpart in the different types of car. This is important in order to identify and eliminate communication and interoperability problems before market launch."

Glen Stone of the Car Connectivity Consortium adds: "The CCC Digital Key Test Tool from COMPRION makes an important contribution to the interoperability of digital key solutions."

The COMPRION Digital Key Test Tool is available now. For more information, please contact sales(at)comprion.com.

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