September 01, 2015

COMPRION at the “Paderborner Osterlauf” 2015

Each year on Holy Saturday (the day before Easter), you will see a lot of sportive people in Paderborn, where COMPRION’s headquarters are. This is because of the so-called “Osterlauf” (Easter Run), a public running competition. In fact, it is the oldest road run in Germany still in existence. This year, two teams of COMPRION employees took part in the 69th edition. We are very happy about one team making it into the top third. Yet, as with all big, but non-professional sports competitions, this event is more about sharing the passion with some 10,000 other people and being part of a big event than about winning. And rest assured, we shared the passion and had a lot of fun in the course and on the course!

Author: Hajo Sandschneider, Director Marketing

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