June 30, 2016

COMPRION’s New Headquarters Take Shape

On finishing the shell construction of the new headquarters in “Almepark Nord” on June 30th, COMPRION has celebrated the traditional topping-out ceremony. According to the managing directors Michael Wehmeier and Dr. Torsten Maeser, the relocation to the Lise-Meitner-Strasse will occur as scheduled in March 2017.

The new head office of the test equipment manufacturer is taking shape. “The shell construction is exactly on schedule“, Maeser is pleased. Wehmeier adds, “The windows will be installed in July, then the interior construction can start“.

Mayor Michael Dreier is delighted by the progress, “The new construction by COMPRION is a positive development for the “Zukunftsmeile” Paderborn“. Annette Foerster, director of the business development agency in Paderborn, complements, “We are happy that COMPRION as a technology company continues to invest into the IT location Paderborn“.

The new building is necessary, because the current headquarters has reached the limits of its spatial capacity. The new four-floor COMPRION head office will have an area of 7,600 m², and will offer space for a staff of 150. The usable area of the new building has approximately 4,900 m².

The new building has been planned with a special focus on sustainability. It complies with the passive house standard, which means that it has solar panels on the roof and a combined heat and power unit for cogeneration.



Official photo with wreath, from left to right: Mayor Michael Dreier, COMPRION managing directors Dr. Torsten Maeser and Michael Wehmeier, foreman Raimondo Lagemann (Läer und Rahenbrock), architect Klemens Hoelscher (ReindersArchitekten), and construction manager Peter Philipp (Läer und Rahenbrock)

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