February 16, 2017

New Headquarters: Interview with Dr. Torsten Maeser

TESTABILITY TIMES (TT): Why is COMPRION now building new headquarters?

Dr. Torsten Maeser (TM): This has a couple of reasons: First of all, our company has been steadily growing so that our present headquarters, which we’ve been renting for 7 years, is way too small. We’ve already been renting additional offices in neighboring buildings for the past 3 years. We are lacking both offices and conference rooms. It is not favorable for our internal communication and collaboration to be spread over several buildings. Since we haven’t found suitable office space for rent, we decided to build our own headquarters.

TT: Tell us a little more about the architecture

TM: Our new building has been planned with special focus on energy efficiency and sustainability. It complies with the passive house standard. Which means that it is superinsulated, has solar panels on the roof, advanced window technology with triple glazing, and a combined heat and power unit (cogeneration). The building is designed in such a way that is open for extension, should the number of staff continue to grow in the future.

TT: What are the benefits of working in the new headquarters?

TM: Our new headquarters will be considerably bigger and designed in such a way to strengthen teamwork among the staff. All the offices house two employees and the work teams will be placed together. Every office floor (that means team floor) has its own kitchenette and meeting point for daily stand-up meetings or chat. Additionally, we will have enough conference rooms of sufficient sizes, which we’ve been missing for some time, too.

TT: When will the move take place?

TM: We are planning to move into the new building in March 2017.


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