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March 28, 2018

NFC Oscilloscope, Reader Sensitivity and Field Strength Response of NFC Antennas: The New Design Validation Center Release Has a Lot to Offer

The new Design Validation Center Release 1.1 that is launched on 03/28/2018 has got three cool new features that help you to optimize the design of your NFC-enabled devices.

Oscilloscope with Integrated NFC Triggers and Quick Measurements

  • Watch live what is happening in the magnetic field!
  • See how changes in your design affect the waveform!
  • Choose from over 100 triggers particularly for NFC, ISO and EMVCo communication!
  • Be amazed how quickly and easily you can run measurements that would normally take hours of configuration!
  • Save time and money when compared with off-the-shelf oscilloscopes where you either configure the triggers yourself or you must buy expensive extension modules!

RF Reader Sensitivity

  • Find out how your reader copes with weak load modulation!
  • Identify the ideal communication partner for your reader!

Field Strength Response

  • Improve your design by detecting the ratio of induced voltage at the antenna and generated field strength!
  • Systematically measure the most important parameters for optimal design decisions!

Design Validation Center is a software for COMPRION’s new, modular CL Development Line of hardware products that has been tailored for development testing of NFC-enabled devices (smartphones, readers, cards, and tags). This software allows examining and optimizing, for example, door handles of cars, contactless readers in ticket vending machines, smart watches, and many other NFC applications before their market entry. This is achieved not only by the new R1.1 features but also by other excelling features like the vector field scan that has already won the SESAMES Award 2017.

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