September 28, 2023

PIT Hackathon: How COMPRION Empowers the Next Generation of Programmers

Getting young people excited about IT was the central mission of the 7th PIT Hackathon, which took place from 22 to 24 September at the Heinz Nixdorf MuseumsForum in Paderborn, Germany. This unique event, aptly named "Hackathon" (a fusion of "hack" and "marathon"), was expertly orchestrated by PIT (Paderborn is Informatics) with the primary goal of promoting young programmers in the region.

This edition of the PIT Hackathon saw record-breaking participation, with a staggering 78 participants making it the most attended event in its history. Pupils, trainees and students came together to explore the world of computer science and software development, collaborating with their peers to create digital projects that captured their imagination. Across the six themes of Code Camp, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, IoT, Web/App Development and Gaming, 24 exciting projects took shape in small teams. These projects catered for a wide range of experience levels, offering beginners a taste of the basics of coding, while challenging more experienced participants with complex topics.

In particular, one project team, supported by a dedicated COMPRION employee, embarked on a fascinating journey into the world of transport and logistics, using a DOBOT robotic arm and Lego Boost to bring their vision to life. Game development proved to be a particular favourite, with a total of 10 teams creating a variety of engaging games. Each team, including these game developers, faced and overcame numerous challenges while enjoying the camaraderie and fun of the experience.

COMPRION not only contributed to the organization of the event, but also by assigned two experienced mentors to the teams. The mentors, with extensive software development experience, played a key role in boosting team morale and providing invaluable methodological guidance, including tools such as GIT or SCRUM, as well as technical support.

Beyond the intense coding sessions, the young IT talents enjoyed socializing and networking with fellow participants and mentors, adding a vibrant social dimension to the event. A highlight of the hackathon was the grand finale, which took place on a large stage and was skilfully hosted by a professional moderator. Here, each team took the spotlight to present their innovative projects to an audience that included not only their peers, but also educators and proud parents.


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