September 01, 2015

The New COMPRION Test SIM Simulator – The Easy Way to Simulate SIM Profiles Automatically

The COMPRION Test SIM Simulator is an integral part of the test setup offered by vendors of network test equipment. This new solution enables 100% test automation of network protocol conformance testing. Based on the IT³ Prove! terminal tester (hardware and software), it replaces the physical test SIM card through a simulation. Thus, different UICC profiles (CSIM, USIM, ISIM) needed for the different network access technologies (2G/GSM, UMTS/W-CDMA, CDMA2000, LTE) can be simulated.


Listening to Our Customers

The leading network simulator manufacturers approached COMPRION at the Mobile World Congress and asked for such a solution. Their customers (mobile phone manufacturers, MNOs, test labs) currently test up to 100 different card profiles during network protocol testing of mobile phones. Thus, the testers spend a lot of time inserting different test cards into the device under test, configuring them and running the test cases. The manual swapping and configuring of cards is very time-consuming and error-prone. Wrong configuration scripts or wrong EF content require an additional reset of the card profile through a PC/SC card reader and a test repetition. Because of the high error-rate, the network simulator vendors need to provide a lot of support for identifying and analyzing their customers' problems. Thus, they are interested in offering their customers an automated test solution avoiding human interaction.

The New Solution - Plug and Play

With the new COMPRION Test SIM Simulator, we achieve 100% test automation. The tester only has to start the test bench and select the card profiles to be used. Everything else runs automatically. This saves time, makes test results repeatable and minimizes errors. For information how to get the COMPRION Test SIM Simulator, please contact your local sales agent.

Author: Nihada Poricanin, Product Manager for Terminal Test Solutions


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