May 03, 2024

COMPRION approved for NFC Forum CR13/TR13.2

The NFC Forum has launched CR13/TR13.2 as a maintenance release to evolve NFC technology, cover new market requirements and improve the interoperability of the NFC ecosystem.

Andreas Schreckenberg, Product Manager for Contactless Test Solutions at COMPRION, explains: "COMPRION launched its first NFC Forum Test Solution in 2012 and has supported all releases according to the NFC Forum roadmap since then. So, if you are looking for a one-stop shop for NFC Forum testing with long-term support, COMPRION is the first choice".

NFC Forum Executive Director Mike McCamon adds: "Through our unwavering expertise and dedication to helping organizations deliver top-notch testing solutions, we proudly remain the trusted partner for organizations, like COMPRION, that are pioneering groundbreaking NFC wireless testing solutions."

For more information, please visit our NFC Forum Test Solution product page.

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