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November 30, 2023

COMPRION Launches GSMA SGP.32 Profile Loader IoT

The GSMA SGP.32 specification is a significant milestone for the industry as it meets the specific requirements of IoT devices. It acknowledges that eSIMs embedded in IoT devices can be remotely configured, enabling operator and mobile network switches without physically replacing the SIM card. These scenarios must be tested in advance in a controlled environment.

The IoT Loader function of the eUICC Profile Manager is designed for testing Internet of Things (IoT) devices and is based on the GSMA SGP.32 eSIM IoT Technical Specification, Version 1.0.1. This development tool allows eSIM providers and IoT device manufacturers to conveniently test whether Remote SIM Provisioning and Profile Management on the IoT device function correctly in the lab before deploying potentially millions of IoT devices to the network.

The new Profile Loader IoT offers the following functionalities:

  • Direct profile download using eIM (eSIM IoT Manager) with an activation code
  • Profile management (activate, deactivate, delete)
  • eIM configuration management (add, update, delete)

"Products according to the new GSMA eSIM specification for IoT devices are eagerly anticipated by many of our customers. The early availability of our Profile Loader IoT marks a significant advancement for testing within IoT technology. This testing and development tool assists in the engineering and testing processes of companies developing IoT devices and solutions in accordance with the new GSMA standard. Now, our customers can conduct realistic simulations of RSP and management scenarios," says Olaf Rethmeier, Product Manager for eUICC Test Solutions at COMPRION.

The Profile Loader IoT is the third loader option for the eUICC Profile Manager, COMPRION's modular tool for efficient eUICC Life Cycle Management, following the Profile Loader for Consumer Devices and the Profile Loader M2M. It is available now.

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