Verizon Wireless Carrier Acceptance Testing

Verizon Wireless Test Plans

Meet Verizon's LTE Device-UICC Interaction Test Plans with the most advanced test tool in the SIMfony Family.

Benefit from test tools listed and validated for the VZW 5G NR SA Supplemental UICC Test Plan: SIMfony CMX500 and SIMfony MT8000A. Both setups are available for UT³ Platform and Prove 2. Use the same tool as the Network Device Evaluation Test Laboratory (NDET) and make sure, that your device can enter this mobile network.

Covered Network Technologies

  • 5G
  • LTE

UT³ Platform

Universal conformance test platform

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Prove 2

VZW validated test platform

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These are the offered test benches for the different Verizon Wireless test plans:

VZW 5G SA NR Supplemental UICC Test Plan

LTE Device-SIM Application Interaction Device Test Plan
(SIMAPPINT; Device Type 4):

  • VZW LTE Device SIM Application Interaction Test Packages

LTE Device-UICC USIM-ISIM Interaction Test Plan:

  • VZW USIM LTE Test Bench
  • VZW USAT LTE Test Bench
  • VZW ISIM LTE Test Bench

LTE Device-UICC USIM-ISIM Interaction Band 4 Test Plan:

  • VZW LTE Band 4 Test Bench


Of course, COMPRION also offers the software packages needed for the control of the required network simulators, like R&S CMW500 and CMX500 as well as MT8000A from Anritsu.


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