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Introducing: eSIM Test Profile Service

The eSIM Test Profile Service is equivalent of picking a physical test SIM card and plugging it into the device. But all digitally. Forget about specifically engineered test devices!

All use cases which require testing of (close-to) market-ready / commercial devices, e.g.:

  • OEM wants to test its eSIM devices potentially in combination with a network simulator(during engineering / pre-conformance / qualification)
  • Software Company/System Integrator working on LPA or Carrier App implementation wants to test against a Remote SIM Provisioning Service
  • Test Lab runs a conformance test of an eSIM device (GCF / PTCRB RTOs)
  • Test Lab analysing the radio interface by connecting with a network simulator
  • Production quality assurance testing in an OEM device factory
  • EUM/OEM/MNO wants to test interoperability of MNO Profiles with devices
  • Device Repair Center wants to debug a problem or to check if it has been fixed

Fully online end-to-end process from order to delivery:

  • Purchase service in our online shop.
  • Manage your test profiles according to different types of templates yourself on a self-service portal.
  • Download a test eSIM profile to a device via standardized GSMA Remote SIM Provisioning procedures based on a QR-code or an activation code.
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