December 12, 2022

COMPRION gets two new managing directors

With Andreas Bertling and Jens Christoph, the test solution provider COMPRION gets two additional managing directors. Both have already been working for the company in leading positions for many years and know the business and the industry very well. The appointment of the two new managing directors is intended to bring about a generational change. The two current managing directors, Michael Wehmeier and Dr. Torsten Maeser, will continue in their positions for the next two years and will also support the company as advisors in the future.

Jens Christoph started at COMPRION in 2004 and served as Director Mobile Network Test Solutions since 2017 before taking over as Director Development at the beginning of 2020.  

Andreas Bertling, currently Director Technology & Business Development, has been with the company since 2006. His responsibilities include product management as well as the evaluation of new technologies and their relevance for the company.

With the appointment of the new directors, COMPRION also wants to set an important course for the future. "Technologies are constantly evolving and are finding new fields of application. Today, the smartphone is no longer merely a telecommunications device but has become established in contactless payment. In the future, it will also be increasingly used as a digital key and for digital identification. This change requires continuous development of existing test solutions, as well as new development of test solutions for tomorrow's technologies," explains Jens Christoph.  Andreas Bertling adds, "COMPRION will continue developing test solutions for products in the mobile and payment sectors based on customer requirements, following our motto 'Tested - Trusted’ and will stand by its customers as a reliable partner."


In the picture from left to right: Andreas Bertling, Dr. Torsten Maeser, Michael Wehmeier, Jens Christoph

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