December 10, 2018

How to Roll Out a New eUICC App Smoothly


The Challenge

Rolling out a new eSIM app on different cards and profiles in your network might quickly turn into a real mess. Imagine that a certain version of a package is a prerequisite for your new app and this package is missing in the library. If you carry out the installation nevertheless, the rollout fails, and you don’t know why! The large variety of different eUICCs, profiles, and apps makes it even more complex. And the usual standard tools are no real help.

The COMPRION Solution

Take the convenient way and use the application management provided by the Explorer module of COMPRION’s eUICC Profile Manager for the rollout of new eSIM apps. The Explorer warns you before installing the new app – when you’re trying to load it to the eSIM. And more: The provided details are helpful and enable you to remove any obstacles immediately, which results in a fast and economic update for a smooth installation. Have a look at the following steps and learn about smooth remote application management.


Step 1

Let’s see what happens when we’re trying to load a new app while a required package has not yet been imported:


 As you can see, one imported package is missing (version 1.1). The tooltip provides the additional information that version 1.0 of this missing package is available instead. Now we can take action.


Step 2

Based on what we learnt, we can instantly remove the first obstacle, the unsuitable version 1.0:


 By deleting version 1.0 of the imported package, we prepare for loading the required version 1.1. Doing this also removes the second obstacle for installing the new app.


Step 3

Now, loading and installing the new app is a piece of cake. In the installation dialog, we only enter a new instance ID. That’s all:

We click OK and the new app is installed on the profile. Without having been warned in step 1, we would now be in major trouble because of an inexplicably failed installation! Fortunately, we’ve been saved a lot of trouble.

The Conclusion

COMPRION’s eUICC Profile Manager is the right tool if you are looking for a shortcut to smooth rollouts of your eSIM apps. Forget about frustrating app installations due to a lack of information at the right moment. Instead, reduce debugging efforts and count on our Explorer.

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